Web Page Committee


This document is a LIVING DOCUMENT. This means that as the dynamics of Resurrection Lutheran Church and the committee change, this document will be modified and improved. Please treat the document as a set of responsibilites that the committee is eager to undertake with all the constraints of a volunteer organization. Let us always be mindful that we live by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Adam Brake Diane Hoffmeister
Ron Bostick Margaret Hyatt
Sue Breitsprecher  

Committee Responsiblities

  • To work with different church organizations that want to place information on the church web site.
  • To work with the church staff when they want to represent their ministries on the church web site.
  • Try to give the web site a similar "look and feel" so that the information is presented in a standard way across the web site.
  • Make the maintenance of the web site information as easy as possible
  • Insure passwords are used for sensitive information