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23 May 2017 David Schleusener 
Lord Jesus, You showed for crowds by teaching and healing 1,000s who came to You for care. Among the crowds that pressed around You, You also cared individually for one particular woman who touched the hem of Your garment, trusting in You for healing. Show your grace and mercy for 1,000s upon 1,000s who need your healing care; in particular, show your mercy for one woman among the crowds whose family cries out for mercy. Be with Nancy Maynard, Kim Simpon’s mother, who is having surgery today as part of a treatment for ovarian cancer. Guard her and bless her through the care she receives at Anschutz Hospital, in Colorado this morning. Give grace and peace to her husband, and all her family who watch and pray before, during, and after her surgery. Bless the surgeon, surgical team, and all who care for her with the healing arts that Nancy needs; give them attentive ability to know what specific care and treatment is best for Nancy; make them attentive to the details that give the best care possible. May no harm come to Nancy in this surgery! Lord Jesus, make Your presence known to Nancy and all who love her. Be with her to protect her by the healing power of Your Life, Your Death, and Your resurrection from the dead. Guard her against every evil, even as You surround her and all who love her with Your peace. Hear us, for the sake of Your mercy. Amen.