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May 7, 2015Ron BostickTeam6
While in Peru I was staying with a Catholic family. Two other Japanese students were also staying with the family. When they ask me about my weekend activities I always mention that I went to a Sunday Service at the Lutheran Mission. That inevitably opened the door about the differences between the Lutheran and Catholic religions. During the discussion I am usually able to share my faith in Jesus and the hope that it has given me.
May 1, 2015Ron BostickTeam100
While on a SED/Peru Mission trip I was asked to speak in front of the NOE student body on the last day. At that moment I was able to share with them why the mission team had come to NOE to serve. It was because we have a Savior called Jesus. Our response to His death and resurrection is to share His love with others. That is why we came to NOE.
February 12, 2014Rebecca CoyneIndividual100
Last Wednesday the Women's Bible Study group finished reading the last chapter of Revelations. We began this group three years ago on behalf of one member, a woman who grew up Christian in the Muslim world and had never read the Bible. She had attended church in America since coming here, but never read the Bible for herself.

As we finished Chapter 22, the book of Revelations, she said quietly, "I get it! Why don't pastors preach on Revelations? It draws the entire Bible together and focuses us on Christ and our salvation."

She was so correct. After studying the development of the Christian faith from Adam and Eve until the prophesy of John, the book of Revelations draws the entire saga into focus. As she shared that now in Church Bible classes she knows what is being spoken about and has insight into what happened before and after that point, everything is much more important. Additional insight is so much more valuable to her.

I am honored to have been a small part of this growth. It is not the end of our reading of scripture. Now we wish to do in depth studies of specific books or people in the Bible. It continues to be exciting.
February 9, 2013Rebecca CoyneIndividual1
I sat at the dining table with my parents in the Skilled Nursing area of the retirement community where they live. The plates of food were set with care before them. The staff smiled and told them what was on the plate, my parents who are deaf, calmly smile and say, "yes". Then these two, gracious old people bow their head and Dad begins to sign: "We thank thee Lord for the bounty which we are about to receive. Thou openest thy hands and satisfieth the desires of all in due season. Amen" They open their eyes and and proceed to eat their meal. The nurse quietly says, "It's a wonder! Every meal they do that. What is it they say?" I respond, "It's a different prayer each time, but this time it was.....and I repeat the prayer in English. The people at the adjoining table quietly say, "Amen". After the meal, one of the nurses takes Dad off to say a few words at the memorial service for an in-patient who recently died whom Dad provided transportation to and from church for many years. The saying that "old pastors never retire, they go out to pastor" is so very true. For this couple, their faith will carry them through all the travails of transitioning from this life to the next. While they are passing through the "valley of the shadow of death" they will serve and spread His gospel around them to the very end.