It is the second Friday of the month. You enter a room filled with people of all abilities. Whether you choose to spend the night dancing to live music, sitting and chatting with groups of friends, enjoying snacks and catching up on news, or just watching the people go by, you will not go away without a smile.

"My favorite thing to do at the Coffeehouse is to have people help me write cards to my friends."

"I like the food, and getting to dance a lot."

Now and Then...

The Coffeehouse at Resurrection is an outgrowth of the Coffeehouse at Good Shepherd, which began as a way to provide a social experience for adults with special needs. Now, both Coffeehouses are working together to form a bridge between communities, and to give everyone in attendance the opportunity to make friends with people outside their usual social circles. And it's lots of fun!

Contact  Brenda Peterson if you want to help with this special ministry. Please include your email address and/or phone number.

Coffeehouse Thank you