Prayer Ministry

The phrase “house of prayer” is found in Isaiah, Matthew, Mark, and Luke. These references refer to the temple in Jerusalem. However, today’s “house of prayer” is the “whole number of believers in Christ”. This ministry is larger than the weekend worship service prayers. Prayer requests are occurring daily and these requests are being added to many RLC members’ daily prayer schedule. There are two paths for requesting prayers. Prayers can be requested on the RLC Home Page by clicking on Prayer Requests. These requests are then emailed to individuals who have subscribed to the prayer distribution list. There are currently over 75 members on this distribution list. The second path is a phone call to one of the Prayer Chain leaders listed below. These requests are then shared among the members of the five prayer chains.  Whichever path is taken, prayer requests can be shared between the two prayer groups and a large number of individuals will add these  requests to their prayers.

Click on one of the following names to contact a Prayer Chain leader:

  Joyce Hirt   Lynne Stevenson

If you are interested in becoming part of this special ministry, contact one of the Prayer Chain leaders above or subscribe to the Web Page prayer distribution list by clicking here.